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visible abs workout at home to women and men

Abs. The amount of articles on abs on google is insane. We decided to give our opinion on this subject. Did you know that everyone has abs? We all have abs. The only difference is, some people have a layer of fat on top of them, so they are not visible. That’s why today, in the third episode of Build It With Science, we decided to talk about the actual ways to build your abs and obliques and make them visible.

In today’s episode of Build it with Science, we will be talking firstly about how to make your abs visible and burn your belly fat, and then we will talk about the best exercises when it comes to building strong abs and obliques.

Over-Simplified Explanation Of Fat Loss

We should first understand that we can’t choose where to lose fat. If you have belly fat, doing crunches or any other abs exercises will not make you lose that fat. We can’t target where we want to lose fat specifically. The body loses fat generally. The best way to lose fat is first, a healthy diet, second, designing a proper workout plan that consists of both cardio like jogging or cycling, and resistance training like lifting weights or bodyweight exercises. Go on a caloric deficit which means you should consume 500 fewer calories than your daily needs, and do both cardio and intense training.

First of all, calculate how many calories you need daily to maintain your weight. To do that, you can use an app or a website, there are plenty of them. Then, start consuming 500 fewer calories than the amount that the website or the app tells you. There are no specific foods that will help you lose weight really. As long as you consume 500 fewer calories, you should be all right. For the workout part, design a proper regular plan that consists of both resistance training and cardio. If you’re confused, you can hire a personal trainer.

05 Exercises For Visible, Toned, Strong Abs

1) Squats

will not just build your legs, but will also give your abs a tough time because they work as stabilizers during the movement. You can perform them with weights preferably if not, you can do bodyweight squats. In fact, squats are also great for fat loss which can help make your abs visible.

2) The plank:

Most people perform forearm variation. Don’t do that variation, it’s easier. Instead, perform the standard plank. Instead of placing your forearms on the floor, plant your hands directly under your shoulders slightly wider than shoulder-width apart like you’re about to do a push-up. Squeeze your glutes to stabilize the body. Don’t look up, instead look at a point about a foot beyond your hands. Hold the position as long as possible.

3) Mountain climber:

This one is great for both abs development and fat loss. You want to get into the plank position as we said before. Get down on the floor on your hands and extend your legs. Place your hands directly under your shoulders as if you’re trying to perform a push-up. Now, pull one knee up and in toward your midsection. Bend your knee as you pull it up, bring it forward in a smooth motion. Once your knee is raised, contract your abs and hold them for better activation. Then, repeat the motion with your other knee.

4) Alternating side crunches:

Lie on your back. Keeping your torso straight, bend your knees and bring them to one side so they are resting on the floor. Bring your knees back up to the center and down to the other side.

5) The alternating crunch ups:

This exercise targets both the abs and obliques. Lay down on your back, bend your knees, and look directly up at the sky. Use the abdominal and oblique muscles to lift your back off the ground. As you lift your chest towards the sky, bring your left elbow towards your right knee. Repeat, alternating sides.

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