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19 Things You Come To Terms With During Pregnancy

ah yes the miracle of lifewomen are truly amazing the fact that we can bring a living baby into this worldis pretty incredible if you’re reading this and are pregnant then Congratswe’re so thrilled you’re about to embark on this journey just like any journeythere will be some expected and unexpected things along the waybeing pregnant is truly a wonderful time in someone’s life but there are momentsthat are not so wonderful there’s also some really odd things the baby doesbefore it’s ready to come into the world every pregnancy is different but we’regoing to go over some of the more common and possibly uncommon things that happenduring pregnancy now without further ado here are some of the mostcommon things people have to come to terms with while pregnant duringchildbirth and after childbirth

your skin might change

among manychanges you’ll experience skin tone and skin complexion could be one of themduring pregnancy this is because of the extra hormones and they’ll usually causesome change in a woman’s relationship with her skin

you may becomeforgetful

ever hear of baby brain it’s a real thing pregnant women have lessoxygen in their blood which is what causes this forgetfulness or pregnancybrain if you ever walk into a room and can’t figure out why you came in therein the first place you can thank the little person growing in your belly

you’re glowing

has anyone told you you’re glowing lately itdoesn’t happen to everyone but because of all the extra hormones duringpregnancy it’s common for women to have a radiance to themthis is caused by the extra blood flow and the fact that you’re retaining moremoisture you may also experience thicker hair and longer nails too

your baby does some odd things

we want to start this one off by saying it’scompletely normal even though it seems a bit gross ready for this one from thesecond trimester onward the baby is actually drinking its own pee againtotally normal they urinate in the uterus and then it gets filtered backaround and so on it’s a whole cycle

going to the bathroom

ifyou’ve ever wondered why your bladder seems to have shrunk three sizes duringpregnancy we have the answer in the late trimester the weight of the baby pressesdown on your bladder causing most women to have to relieve themselves quiteoften

Linea Negra

while pregnant it’s commonto develop something called Linea Negra which is a dark vertical line going downthe center of the stomach it’s completely normal and will probably goaway after some time but also may not

crying in the womb

while the baby is in the womb they canactually cry doctors don’t believe that the unborn child is necessarily upsetbut rather that they’re just practicing for when the time comes after allpractice makes perfect

broken bones

during pregnancy a woman is more likelyto break bones due to a hormone called relaxin the hormone allows the joints tosoften so that the hips and pelvis can open up for birth so ladies be carefulwith yourselves during this delicate time


okay we all knowthe link between pregnant women and hormones but did you ever wonder whyyou’re having these bizarre mood swings it’s not your faultbecause you’re pregnant you’re producing more estrogen in a single day thansomeone who’s not pregnant could produce in three years

uterus shrinking

even after birth the stomach doesn’t automaticallygo back to normal it’s gonna take a little time for the uterus to shrinkback down to size 6 weeks to be exact so don’t be in too much of a hurry to getrid of your maternity clothes you might still need them for a few weeks

babies in utero

while in utero babies are covered in a waxy creamcheese like coating many babies are born with this on their skin and it can be alittle alarming but again it’s completely normal and just one of thoseodd things that happens with childbirth

swollen feet

if you can still see your feet you may be wondering whythey’re so swollen it’s just water weight expecting mothers will typicallysee their feet swell up to one whole size larger than their pre-pregnancysize hopefully you can borrow someone else’s shoes for a while

babies can taste your food

you’ll want to make sure you have agood tasty diet while you’re pregnant ladies especially if you want your babyto be a foodie yes as we previously mentioned everything you can taste yourbaby tastes as well studies by website new scientistdiscovered that strong flavors like garlic can pass through the amnioticfluid in the womb and a study showed that babies whose mothers drank a lot ofcarrot juice displayed a preference for carrot juice themselves so make sure toeat a lot of broccoli brussel sprouts and other foods kids typically don’tenjoy


this is something you can expect duringpregnancy or after you’ve given birth apparently the people at Sutter Healthhave discovered that sometimes women will lactate automatically when theyhear a baby crying that’s right we said a baby and not their baby because it canhappen at random thanks mother nature

more hair

there’s an old wives tale that says if an expecting motherexperiences heartburn their baby is going to be born with more hair wellscientists actually believe this to be true representatives from Johns Hopkinsmedical institutions have hypothesized that this phenomenon is due to thehigher levels of estrogen and progesterone that stimulate hair growthalso relax the esophagus causing acid reflux huh we wonder if indigestioncauses baldness

the uterus

we bet you don’t know how stretchy theuterus is go ahead guess how many times that thing expands during pregnancyif you guessed over 500 times its normal sizethen you’re correct jeez that is baffling mom dot me has this comparisonfor reference your uterus begins around the size of a small peach then stretchesto the size of a watermelon

twins and so on and so forth

twins can be either a great blessing orwell they can also just be a surprise we mean if you plan to have one baby andsuddenly you have two just a heads up live science tells us that if you’retall or overweight you have a greater chance of carrying multiples

shared pregnancy symptoms

pregnancy sure is a journey for you and your partnermaybe you two are sharing more than just the excitement have you noticed thatmaybe your partner has also been gaining some weight maybe they’re a little Moody- these are called shared pregnancy symptoms and scientists have observedthe phenomenon happening all over the world how adorablejust remember ladies no one said you have to share the ice cream

sense of smell

when you become pregnant your pregnancy instincts will start totake over mom dot me comments on the fact that while you’re pregnant you geta heightened sense of smell according to them it’s meant to help them steer clearof foods they shouldn’t eat because of their growing baby but really we justthink it’s an added superpower and so this part of the journey is complete .

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