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9 Foods That Boost Your Collagen Production

Hey there, readers .Most of us spend every waking minute of the day worried about our collagen intake.Just kidding, most of you probably don’t know what that is.I had to look it up myself.Collagen is an extremely important protein.It is needed to maintain the body’s tissue, muscles and skin.This can slow signs of aging.Here’s 9 foods that boost your collagen production.Is chicken a healthy choice?Uh oh, I gotta have grapefruit?Hang on, what part of the fish do I have to eat?We’re talking all that AND more.Let’s begin shall we?


We’ll just get it over with.Garlic isn’t exactly a food most of us crave.Unless it comes in the form of garlic bread, can you honestly name one garlic-heavy foodthat you eat on the regular?Despite your preferences, you may want to load up on garlic, as your collagen levelwill skyrocket.Garlic is high in sulfur.It contains nearly 33 sulfur compounds.Sulfur helps to boost your collagen production.This provides strength to the hair, nails and skin.Now that being said, we’re not asking you to pour garlic down your throat.It’s not like you lost a bet here.One thing you can do is start adding garlic to various recipes you cook at home.This includes soup, toast, chicken, beef, broccoli and cauliflower.If garlic isn’t quite your thing, you should consider our next choice.


Now I know what you’re thinking.“I already don’t like garlic, what makes you think I find beans to be more digestible?”It’s simple, beans boost collagen through the protein you consume.A regular can of black beans carries almost 15 grams of protein.When this protein is digested, it’s amino acids go to work.Amino acids serve as building blocks of collagen production.Collagen is composed of three separate chains.These chains are wound together forming a triple helix.Amino acids are needed for this chain to take form.From here, they create a tight configuration, which is able to withstand stress.I know it’s not the first choice on your grocery list, but you need to seriously considerbeans if you’d like to look younger and healthier.

Bell Peppers

Everyone needs to spice up their life once in a while.Why not assist your body while doing it?Bell peppers are a great selection if you’re looking to up your collagen production.Let’s talk for a second about Vitamin C, an essential nutrient many of us are missingout on.While most people’s brains go to orange juice when they hear it’s name uttered,bell peppers are another reliable source.A full green pepper contains around 220% of your daily Vitamin C.Now nobody’s just munching on a whole bell pepper, unless of course you have somethingto prove.If you chop this veggie up and toss it into your recipe, you should be getting the correctdaily amount.But why is Vitamin C important here?Well it’s just another nutrient that enables collagen synthesis to take place.Bell peppers contain capsaicin, an extract that fights inflammation.This gives your skin and muscles a break, decreasing signs of aging.I think now’s a good time to get over your fear of spice and try some bell peppers.


This one should be super easy to digest.You probably already eat tomatoes with certain meals.I know that hamburger I had yesterday definitely had some.It also had peppers, garlic and a side of beans.Aren’t I just a walking, talking example of “healthy”?Vitamin C is also present in tomatoes.But unlike bell peppers, they contain a reasonable amount.One medium tomato has around 26% of your daily recommended intake.But that’s not all it has going for it.I think this is an ideal time to mention lycopene.I know…Another fancy word we’re throwing at you.Just bare with me a second.Lycopene is that natural red pigment you see in certain foods.While you can find lycopene in watermelon, lycopene works to refresh the skin, once againsaving you from early signs of aging.It’s time to put a few more slices of tomato on your sandwiches.


This is another one everyone should be jumping on.When was the last time you went shopping for berries?How about berry picking?They also have plenty of Vitamin C. One cup of strawberries contain 149% of your suggesteddaily intake.Berries in general also contain antioxidants which fight against free radicals.These are molecules which cause damage to your cells, breaking the body down.Whether it’s strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, you’ll want to start eatingthese delicious fruits.Their benefits speak for themselves!


Let’s take a walk through the meat department for a minute.Oh come on now, you enjoy chicken, and you know it!Chicken has all sorts of benefits going for it.Not only is it loaded with niacin and Vitamin B6, it also has a ton of protein.A cup of diced chicken for example contains around 44 grams of protein.That’s over 87% of your daily intake!We’re not going to back pedal by repeating the benefits of protein on your collagen level.But let’s just say your health will improve over time if you just get a little more chickenin your life.Maybe fire up the barbeque this weekend?Some peppers and tomato would go great on a chicken sandwich, along with a side of beans.Maybe sprinkle a bit of garlic on it as well.


Alright, I lied.We’re going to discuss meat a little more.If you’re not getting enough chicken, chances are you’re not getting enough fish.Fish is a nutrient goldmine.In the case of collagen production, there are fewer foods like it.But there’s a catch, the highest collagen sources are not found in the meat…If you truly want to boost your level of collagen, you’re going to want to consume things likethe head, bones and eyeballs.You’re probably getting a bit of a Fear Factor vibe.Just relax!These parts of the fish are the highest in collagen production.Let me guess, still too gross?Studies have shown that fish skin is a great source of collagen peptides.These are the short strings made up from amino acids.If you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side, you’ll want to consume theseparts of the fish.Ah, who are we kidding?You’re probably going to skip it to avoid eating eyeballs.Hey if you’re afraid of fish, you must be… chicken.SOUND EFFECT: CRICKETSMoving on!

Egg Whites

You can’t have chicken without the egg.When most of us hear “eggs”, our brains usually go straight to the yolk.Truth be told, egg whites are the part you want to have if you’re looking to boostyour collagen.The whites carry large amounts of proline.This is yet another amino acid meant to produce collagen.And boy does it do the job.A study conducted in 2012 focused on male athletes who had to consume large amountsof protein.Egg white supplements were specifically responsible for an increase in their muscular strength.If you haven’t had eggs in a while, now’s a good time to jump back on that horse.If you’re looking for another great breakfast item, try this on for size…


Let’s hop on the Vitamin C train once more!It may taste disgusting, but grapefruit has amazing Vitamin C benefits.If you care about your health, this may be enough for you to get over this lifelong hatred.Half a medium grapefruit contains 44 mg of Vitamin C…73% of your daily intake.This will do quite a bit of good for your suffering skin, as your collagen will beginformation.Actually, here’s another Vitamin C fun fact.Vitamin C assists in the healing of wounds.If you’re suffering from a cut or a gash, collagen can slow down and minimize the formationof scars.It will also protect your skin from sun damage.Like I said, grapefruit isn’t everyone’s first choice.Well my grandfather’s eaten it everyday for 60 years, and that guy looks younger thanI do!What’s his secret?Collagen!

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